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Hello friends I have some questions that bother me a lot of time, it divides into two:
1. If you bought a video card with HDMI port and I got the audio cable that connects between the card and called SPDIF How am I supposed to connect it to the clipboard?
2. I would like to buy a video card with HDMI port but everything included card device itself without the need for cable SPDIF How do I know which card to buy?

Another question:
For example, I own and have no sound device that supports the cable connection from the board burner card How can I undo this?

Thanks Kobi.
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  1. connect a simple cable from spidif 0 on mobo to your gfx card, this is how i get my sound through hdmi cable
  2. sorry just to add, to get sounds to come from hdmi, wouold have to connect gfx to mobo to enable sound over hdmi, it will not transfer sound through pci gfx slot
  3. Thanks for the help in some of the questions someone can explain to me the other questions like for example how can I tell if sound card supports screen recorder built without the SPDIF cable
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