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Auto Sleep or Off

I have a server that is used to maintain a network storage and media server over the internet.

It runs Windows 7.

I have already setup a "Wake On LAN" for it, with several of its users. And was wondering if there was ANY way to setup a detection for it to fall back asleep or turn off when its Network card isn't surpassing a certain amount of kilobytes.

For Example:

1.I turn it on with Wake-On-Lan Icon.


3.Navigate to the file i want with a program such as an FTP. And begin downloading.
Begin watching a movie or listening to music directly off of the server.

4.After done i close the program.

5.After about 10 min the server realizes it hasn't had any activity within those 10 min and sleeps or shuts off.

Keep in mind that i don't want a program that gives desktop control seeing as multiple users might have access at the same time and trust is not given to every user in that way.

I'm looking for something like a "Sleep On NO LAN"
The Item, Program, or setting in question can be anything. Such as (if possible) Running a batch file or exe file that keeps an eye on network use and shuts down after a given time of inactivity.
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    this may do it for you--and its free

    has the option to shutdown--sleep etc when no network activity is detected as well as lots of other options
  2. Wow... didn't expect an answer that fast... I'll download that program and test it out. If you don't hear from me in the week. Then it works.

    Thanks mcnumpty23 that's awesome.
  3. you are welcome :D

    its a really handy software--and free too :D :D

    if it works for you please use the best answer button
  4. I have selected you as having the best answer.
    Thanks.. seriously. Its REALLY awesome.

    If you wish to help me with my next question then please proceed here.

    I didn't think about it. but there is one program I'm running on that computer that needs to do something right before shutdown.
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