5870 crossfire?

Hi guys!

A small question, i'm going to be building a new system (sandy bridge) in a couple of months, and the thing is, on my current system i already have a 5870.

Is it worth it getting a 6970 (or anything else) or shall i just get another 5870 in crossfire?
I'm thinking of crossfiring it, but i'm worried about the scaling for the 5870.
I know that AMD solved the scaling issue with the 6xxx's, but i tried searching and couldn't find anything with regards to the 5xxx's.. the 5870 is still powerful, and if the xfire scaling is solved (or will be solved), then i'm thinking of just getting one more, since that will save me some $$$ that i can spend on the mobo cpu & ram and upgrade the graphics later on....

any advice will be great!
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  1. ^ What is your monitor's resolution ?? And what crossfire issues are you talking about
  2. monitor resolution is 1920 * 1080
    there aren't any issues, it's just crossfire scaling with the HD 5xxx's isn't good.
    e.g, if you're getting 50 fps in a game, add another 5870 and it's goes up to 60-70 if you're lucky.. whereas the HD 6xxx's almost double the performance..

    as i mentioned, i tried looking to see any recent benchmarks for 5870 crossfire, but they're all outdated, and there isn't any mention of a fix
  3. ^ Check the performance here,... this is an article about the HD 68xx GPUs CrossfireX, which also gives the 5870's Crossfire performance,...
  4. true, but is you go to the 6950 crossfire review, you'll find that in crossfire, the 5870 is outperformed by the 6870, and destroyed by the 6950... ah i don't know.. thinking of getting the 6950 and flashing it to 6970 or something... or if i find a dirt cheap 5870 somewhere, i'll just get that..... but check this link out anyways
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    ^ Well that is true, but I would suggest you stick with the 5870 for now, and when getting the new build, go for a new card, am sure you would get better prices then, also GTX 560 will be launched probably by Jan 25th, so you can surely expect AMD to cut their prices then,...
  6. you're right.. i'll do that.. if anything good comes up then, otherwise i'll just stick with the 5870 for now, and do a proper upgrade later on...
  7. The 5870s have a rebate right now to bring them down to less than 250 dollars US. I have had a pair of them since release and I couldnt be happier with the performance. And for the price you cant really beat them.
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