No reaction when power button is pressed. No fans running.

I just started building my barebones PC today, and when I press the power button there is absolutely no reaction. The only indication of any power is the indicator light on the board. No fans run, nothing. The power source is plugged in, so are the front panel connectors, and the only thing I can think of is the fact that I couldn't manage to install 2 of the MoBo screws, because they wouldn't reach the hole in the case. Any other problem it could possibly be?
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  1. Try this article first:

    I'm curious, though, as to why you couldn't install all the standoff screws. What do you mean 'they wouldn't reach the hole in the case'? Is there something behind the board holding the board away from the standoffs? Like an extra standoff shorting the back of the board?
  2. The MB should definately sit flush to the standoff screws.
  3. Found out my problem. The USB from the Front Panel isn't connecting correctly to the USB-78 on the motherboard. If it sits just right in the port, which I've accomplished 4 times, it will run. If it gets bumped even slightly, it shuts off. Leaving it entirely unplugged stops it from running. It's like when one side of your headphones goes out & holding it just right fixes it. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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    If leaving the FP USB cable unplugged causes the system to not start, it sounds like a bad solder connection on the motherboard or the receptacle socket is bad. Either way, you should RMA the board for a replacement.

    Did you ever find out why you couldn't put all the motherboard screws in?
  5. The socket was bad. In my case there is an indented section that sits farther away from the MB than the rest of the case, so the board would have to bend lower for it to reach, or I'd have to find longer screws that were compatible. I just left them open, and made sure the other connections were tight enough to hold it. The comp is running now.
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