Best 1155 mobo for i5 2500 non OC gaming rig

im looking for the best mother board to pair with my i5 2500 non K. I am looking to build an upper level gaming rig but do not intend to OC it.

my parts list

1. intel i5 2500
2. Evga 550 ti for now. intend to upgrade too a 570ti or pci 3.0 when available
3. 16gb of ram at 1600mhz
4. 60gb SSD
5. 650tx corsair power supply
6. 750gb HDD
7. 27 inch Asus LED monitor

I have used Asus motherboards in the past but an not sure of which one i should get or completely set on Asus so any other suggestion would be appreciated.
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  1. I got an MSI P67A-G43, rock solid for months now. My i5 2500k is OC'd at 4.5 @ 1.24v 24/7. Its @ newegg for $130, or you can get one of the gen3 boards with the pcie 3.0.
  2. is there any reason to go z68 over p67? i will be using a SSD card.
  3. anymore suggestions i would like to keep this thread going..
  4. nothing!! i really need advice
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