PC Beeps Once then POST Normally without error??

Recently I just bought a Aspire M3410, since it had Intergrated Graphics, I added an GeForce GTX 560Ti in the computer before ever booting it up.

Everything worked fine but everytime that my computer boots up or restarts, right before POST, it makes a Short Beep (Only One Short Beep) I first though it was some kind of error but everything in the PC just seems to work fine...
I tried to take off the added Graphic Card, but no use...
I looked up in AIDA64 and found that Chassis Intrusion was Detected.

I though that that could be the error but I couldn't find a way to disable it with Clearing the CMOS.
Since the Board is OEM (From Acer) I couldn't find the option in the BIOS nor with jumpers... The only two Jumpers are HBIOS_WP and CLR_CMOS.

Can someone tell me if what I think its wrong or if I am right, help me disable Chassis Intrusion...

System Specs :
HexaCore AMD Phenom II x6 Zosma 1055T
Foxconn RS780/880 Motherboard (AMD 880G/K10) ACER OEM
ATI Radeon HD 4250 Intergrated Graphics. (Then Added GeForce GTX 560Ti)
North Bridge : AMD RS880P/K10 IMC
South Bridge : AMD SB8xx
BIOS : AMI (Version P01-B4 -Latest from Acer

Thanks for helping me :) I really don't like the beep at boot-up...
If you need more info just tell me what you need and I will post it...
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  1. That short Beep is the Power On Self Test(POST) indicator saying that your computer is working. It does NOT indicate any problems. If you don't want to hear it then simply open your computer and disconnect the speaker from the motherboard(this is not the sound system).
  2. That single, short beep (good news :bounce:) is right after the POST and before the system looks for keyboard and drives.
  3. So then I can't disable it? :( Because it is really annoying and the speaker is intergrated into the motherboard...
  4. bloc97 said:
    So then I can't disable it? :( Because it is really annoying and the speaker is intergrated into the motherboard...

    I hate to ask but are you rebooting your PC in a Library or perhaps a day care during nap time...I never found the beep so loud/annoying that I wanted to rip out the speaker.

    I would be lost without the beep...ok well I wouldn't but it just seems like part of my PC getting ready
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    Are you sure that this speaker is integrated into the motherboard?

    I think most of the time these speakers are discrete and they plug into the motherboard.

    Maybe the onboard audio is hard wired in, but usually the PC speaker isn't.

    You should just be able to reach in and rip the thing out. There may be a cable running to the front of the case or something that attaches to a PC speaker in the front panel or it could be just a tiny little thing hanging off in the air, but usually there is a port on the bottom left of the motherboard as it is mounted that is for PC speakers and usually you can just unplug this.
  6. Thanks guys! Ill try to search the PC Speaker cable and un-plug it, if it is a hard-wired speaker, then oh well... I will get used to it... :)
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