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So I made a mistake and really do not want to rma a psu that I have for a build. It only has a 20pin and the mobo has a 24pin. Can I still use the 20pin psu ? There is plenty of power for the build ? Both from newegg:

"Rosewill RV350 350W ATX 1.3 Power Supply $27.00"
GIGABYTE GA-M68MT-S2P AM3 NVIDIA GeForce 7025/nForce 630a chipset Micro ATX AMD Motherboard $50.00"
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    20-pin omits the last four: 11, 12, 23 and 24) Color Signal Pin Pin Signal Color

    Very possibly, but not recommended.
    You would need to verify that with an ohm meter:
    On the Motherboard, no other connects plugged in Pin 11 _> 10, Pin 12 ->1 and Pin23-> 22 read a short: Then Yes it should work, if not No workee.

    Reason it is not recommended is the IR drop across the connector Pins (wires should not be a problem). If this IR drop is two high it could melt the connector plastic shell. I could give an example, but I would be pulling numbers from the end of me that sits on the Pot.
  2. Short Answer, RMA PSU and get correct one, you wont regret it!
  3. Might want to think abouta better brand than Roswell
    $20 after MIR and MUCH MUCH better than Roswell and Its 430 W vs 350 W

    Bare in mind - The PSU is very important as a failure can wipe out your entire system.
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