Need a good 2 x Quad CPU 16GB Rack Server! Price Range's 1000-1800 USD

Hello everyone !
I was wondering, could someone with a quite good knowledge of server staffing could help me...
i need to staff a Rackmount (1/2/3/4U) with 2 x Intel Xeon QC Harpertown L5420 CPU's.
and a RAM of 16GB DDR3 1333mhz, and a hard drive of minimum 500GB's.

Thank's for your support already !
P.S Would be good if you could drop some links too where to get those items !
P.P.S if you can build a better server with Rackmount (1/2/3/4U), but without the products i named, give it a try too ! i will really appreciate that too ! ;-)
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  1. i have not posted any server builds the above post was due to inexperience
  2. Quote:
    SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB...

    Sorry, but you didn't understand me, i need a server not a gaming rig.
  3. sorry
  4. HAHAA. I feel for fnade
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