How to connect 3 monitors with ati 5830 and win7

Well... hi, im new here :D

to the point...

i been using 2 monitors lately and is awesome, but now i have a TV with a hdmi connector so... i want to connect that tv to the pc and i cant... my settings

4gb ram
ATI 5830
win7 64bit ultimate

Acer 19'
IBM 16'
and a sony TV

when i try to expand the tv trough Win7 this error shows up "unable to save display settings" when i try to expand trough Ati catalyst thing tells me that i have to disable one of the monitro so i can do that... :S....

the 2 monitor are connect to the dvi ports and the TV in the HDMI port.. im using 2 adapter DVI-to-VGA

i dont wanna buy another video card....
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  1. u can close this... got the solution...

    had to buy and the cable for that and now its working....
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