First Ever Build And I Would Like Help

Hey everyone I am looking to build a new system under 400 dollars.

No this will not be a gaming rig but a good home computer.

I need the community's input on this. Would like a core 2 duo or even a quad core.

Just something to replace my old ass computer.

I would go buy one from the store but would like to see what kind of performance I can get from my own build and whether its better to.

I will be running windows 7 which I got for Christmas but my computer can't run.

The most demanding thing I do on a computer is encode my raw .avi files from the camcorder to DVD's using Convertxtodvd.

I don't play games, I have a console for that and the only games I play on a computer are basic flash games online.

I want to build my own rig but if it is better and cheaper to buy one then I will take the community's word for it. Thanks

So, what case, mobo, ram, cpu, etc.. should I get?

Thanks in advance
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  3. Thank you so much. I was expecting to get much less for this price. I will be saving up my pennies to get this. Thanks again.
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