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I have an old game that will only run on a GPU older than nVidia 6 class. I have a 9600 GT installed on a PCI-e slot.

I want to install a G Force FX 5200 in an available pci slot to play this game.

What I have been doing is shutting down vista and booting another XP comp using the same monitor; a VGA port for the XP home computer and DVI port for the Vista Premium (32) computer. I don't want to have to do this. (both computers are connected to the monitor but I never run them at the same time)

I want to be able to run this game in my main Vista comp by going into 'display settings' and using the drop down menu to select which card to use.

The trick is that both of these cards installed in the same Vista computer will be attached to the one monitor: a vga cable from one card and a dvi cable from the other card to both connections on the one monitor.

Will this work? Will I damage the monitor? Will I no longer have to unplug the cable attached to one of the cards when I need to change from one card to another?

Thanks for any help :p
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  1. If you are using Win XP . . . maybe the Hardware Profiles explained here will work for you:


    Dunno about Vista though.
  2. Tom's Hardware emailed me to see if I had gotten an answer and if so to 'select the best answer'.

    I have not gotten an answer. The only answer I received started with "If you are using Win XP . . .". I clearly stated that "I want to be able to run this game in my main Vista comp...", and ended with the thoughtful "Dunno about Vista though."

    Because of this non-response the main forum shows one answer has been posted which could be construed to mean answered.

    I sure wish that people who do not have answers would not post non-answers.

    Tom's hardward ask me. Here is my response.
  3. Well, does Vista have "hardware profiles"? If so, did you try them? If not, AFAIK you're screwed.

    I *will* apologize for saying "If you *are* using" . . . instead of "If you *were* using".

    In any case, good luck to you.
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