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Motherboard/graphics card

I'm trying to upgrade a dell.Its a 2006.Amd Athlon 3200+.It has an on board video card,Nvidia gforce 6150.It has 512 mb of ram.Could any1 tell me exactly what to buy to make this computer run great,I want to play big file games on it like left 4 dead.Please help me out,thanks :)
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  1. If your Dell has an open PCIe slot, and if the power supply is sufficent, and the case has enough room, you can add a video card - and memory - and upgrade your single core processor to a 2 or 3 core AMD cpu - if the mobo BIOS will support one.

    Seriously, it would be easier - and not much more expensive - to start over. I don't do AMD builds, but someone may come along who can give you an example.
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    Computer specs? What model?
    Most likely you will have to buy a whole new computer altogether. If you wanted real performance, you'd probably need a new cpu, mobo, gpu, ram, psu. Upgrading one would result in a bottleneck with the others.
    A decent budget build that you could probably get for 500 or less:
    AMD atx mobo ~70
    athlon ii x4 ~100
    radeon 4850 1gb ~90
    2gb ddr3 ~40
    400w psu ~40
    full atx case ~50
    But you'd need to get windows too if you don't already have it.
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  4. Thank you.
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