Cpu running hotter then norm

Recenlty my cpu has been acting up. when i just applied the ac5 it dropped to 39 for a few days now its back up to 45-48 on idle and in a game it jumps to 58-62 is this a prob with cpu or stock cooler
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  1. Cooler, probably. Take it off and check the application of the thermal compound.
  2. You're running a desktop, right?
    If you are, buy yourself a new cooler, they are quite cheap.

    If you're using a laptop, you should clean your cooler.
    Many computer stores have devices that cleans out the dust out of your cooler, usually free! :D
  3. I'd buy something other than AS5 .... look at their web site ..... it cautions that it takes over 200 hours and numerous full thermal cycles to fully cure. Benchmark reviews site estimates that it will take up to a year under "normal PC usage" to fully cure AS5. Shin Etsu has the exact same thermal performance w/o the cure time issue.

    Whether you get a new cooler will depend on what CPU and how far you want to OC. The 2600k for example has no issue with 4.5 Ghz and the stick cooler.
  4. stock cooler
    not alot of airflow have the side off of the case
  5. what is the best cooler i can get for multiple pcu platforms plan on upgrading my computer soon so want to be able to use it on another one
  6. forgot to say for a am3 atm
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