I installed the OS... now what?

Hi all!
First of all I am very new to building and i used these forums extensively to do so, so thank you!
I build my new system and was able to successfully install Windows 7 64bit last night. However, I do not know the next steps involved in getting my PC ready for normal use. I know that I need to install drivers, malware software, etc... but am not sure about the order in which to do it (I may also be missing something). After installing the new OS, what are the next steps I need to take?
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  1. if you haven't already, install the drivers for your network card, motherboard, sound card, and video card.

    Once those are installed, do a windows update for any driver and security updates. after that, install your software.
  2. Sqrl,
    I like to make sure I have anti virus on the computer before I start on any ohter software. AVG and Avast have great free personal use anti virus software that are well worth the time. I hav eused both and am slightly more aprtial to avast, but only slightly.
  3. Actually, I'd do a overnight memtest tonight.

    Lot's of times people will use RAM with bad sectors and not notice anything, but as these accumulate over months system will become unstable. Saves headaches down the road to find these bad sectors while still in return period.

    As sqrl mentioned, drivers and then updates next. Grabbing an antivirus during that time is also a good idea. I also like to install threatfire for it's behavior based detection.
  4. banthracis,

    I generally wait til I load the mainstays to do a memory test. In doing so can also see if the ram is going to effect the system when I am using it for what I built it for. If the test comes back poor I'll rma them, but i have had sticks with bad sectors I got so cheap I just kept them as back ups for other builts becuase I could at least do basic net browsing while I wait and cheap ram is cheap ram. Sometimes the RMA shipping isn't worth the return price.
  5. Ok, thanks for your help!

    So to sum up your responses:
    1) Drivers for NIC, Mobo, sound card, GPU
    2) Windows driver/security updates
    3) AV & Malware installations
    4) Overnight Memtest
    5) Additional Software
  6. sounds about right. You could move the malware/av before updates, if you like
  7. I have a couple more noob questions and then I'll be out of your hair:
    1) How do I check CPU temperature/performance under load?
    2) How do I check GPU temperature/performance under load?
    3) Are there any other PC performance tests I can do to determine the health of my build?
    Thanks again!
  8. 1. Realtemps, Coretemp, HW monitor from CPU ID or Everest.
    2. Rivatuner, HW Monitor, Everest
    3. Prime 95 for CPU stability. If you OC standard is a 12 hr run. Furmark if you do a GPU OC. 2 hrs or so is enough to determine GPU stability.

    You can also run synthetics such as PCMark Vantage, 3D mark and Heaven 2.0 though they're more for the ego factor than really all that useful.
  9. a warning about tests like Prime 95 and Furmark: they SERIOUSLY stress your CPU. a 24 hour run of either is equal to about 3 months of normal usage. If you aren't overclocking, I'd recommend not using such high stress programs. Your CPU & GPU are *guaranteed* to work at their default setups
  10. Ok, so I tried running both HW Monitor and got an interesting result... nothing. I'm using a Phenom 970 BE and this is what's displayed:

    > AMD K10
    > Powers
    > Processor - 0.00W 0.00W 0.00W

    I don't get anything else... why aren't Voltage and Temperature displayed? What about my other parts like RAM, HDD, etc...?

    If this doesn't make sense, tell me how to attach a screen shot to this post and I'll show you what I mean.
  11. You'll need to upload ss to something like photobucket. Then use following code to post images


    HW Monitor is really one of those just install and it works programs.
    Did you dl and install correct file?

  12. Just a quick, fyi, avg9's latest (Dec 2010?) free update disagrees with Win7 64bit,
    there was some patch type thing released but mine was amongst many 64bit systems that fell prey to it, currently using microsoft sec essentials till i find better
  13. I believe I did. In the right column, the file entitled "1.17 setup, english
    (installation, includes 32 and 64-bit binaries)" correct?

    I'll have to post the screenshot once I get home from work
  14. Yea that's correct file.

    What are your system specs/hardware?
  15. AMD Phenom II 970 B.E.
    MSI 880G-E45 microATX w/ onboard HD4250
    Corsair 4G (2x2G)
    Samsung 1TB HDD
    XFX HD5780 coming soon
    Windows 7 64-bit

    I installed CoreTemp and it worked! So it looks like it's a software issue. That's a shame because HW Monitor looks like a pretty good program, but I'll get by with CoreTemp I guess...
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