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I am brand new to computers and am just starting to learn the aspects of hardware, software, and code. I want to watch cable Tv on my pc, but do not know the first step to take. I've been searching the web and know that i need a tvtuner card but thats about it. I do not know the process or software i would need to make this happen. What should I do. I have a prebuilt HP pavilion a6430f pc with an asus m2n68-la motherboard. Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. there are a few tv tuner cards in legacy PCI or the newer PCI-e slot format; they will have a standard TV cable input to the rear of your PC...

    Make sure you see what sort of available expension slots your PC has, and get the right TV card for your comp.... (sucks to buy legacy PCI, and have no slots left, as many newer PCs might only have one PCI slot....)

    THe TV card should come with the software you need.....not difficult, 5 minutes to tear down your case, 2 minutes to install card, 3-5 minutes to install software....
  2. thanks a lot and yea I only have one PCi slot. Im thinking about building my own pc soon but then I wont know what to do with this one and i dont want to waste it.
  3. also do you have any suggestions on any specific brands ?
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