Is $1399 Alienware Aurora Dual 5770 a deal?

Is this deal worth jumping on now. Can get free shipping and an extra $50 off with a coupon code. Would like to game at 1920x1080 with all bells and whistles - any game and be future proof. This looks like a good one to take upgrades throughout the near future. And the internal build and layout seem neat.

Can build a cyberpower with a GTX 570 Nvidia for approx the same money but not the build quality.

Any thoughts?
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  1. you would have to compare the gaming benchmarks for given cpu/mb, and mainly the crossfire gpu(s) vs one 570.....
  2. THG puts the 5770 as roughly equivalent to a GTX460 (768 MB) card....

    CyberPower's systems have been well received from the benchmarks I've reviewed...

    Can't confirm that a pair of older 5770's will (or won't) beat a single GTX570....don't usually see them compared single card vs. Crossfire, mostly because the 570 is much newer.

    Alienware's cases are pretty, but, performance at high res is what counts, you might be able to extrapolate performance using some older reviews of Crossfire/non-Crossfire, then comparing them to performance of GTX460/570..

    (I suspect the GTX570 might might have the option to add a 2nd one later, for blistering performance.....)
  3. $1400 is not a good deal for a pc with dual 5770s. I think you should build your own. A GTX 570 is much faster than a pair of 5770s. Two 5770s is about the speed of a 5870, which is slower than a gtx 570 by a pretty wide margin. those are old benchmarks, but you'll be able to see the disparity between crossfired 5770s and a gtx 480.
    There you can see that a gtx 570 is usually faster than a gtx 480.

    If you can wait at all, I would suggest delaying your build until Sandy Bridge parts are available.
  4. I did a build on newegg with HAF912 Case/Core i5 760/SATA 3 USB 3 MB/GTX570/decent PSU and the price difference with cyberpower was minimal.

    Thanks for the responses! Probably wait for Sandy Bridge then go for a Cyberpower Build closest to my needs. After all things will only get less.
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