May need to replace ATI HD4850X2

I'm currently running the following hardware:

Intel 2.4Ghz Q6600 Quad Core CPU
Gigabyte EP45-UD3P Motherboard
8Gb (4x2Gb) G.Skill DDR2 1066 RAM
ABS Tagan 1100W Power Supply
Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2

2 Dell 1907FP Monitors (1280x1024)
1 Dell 2408WFP Monitor (1920x1200)

I do not overclock my hardware.

Recently my machine has begun to experience strange crashes, and a combination of symptoms lead me to believe my graphics card may be on its way out. I'm looking for a replacement GPU or set of GPUs which can support a minimum of 4 monitors and will work as well as possible in Linux. The most graphically intense program I normally run is EVE Online, but I occasionally do pick up heavier games like Crysis. My motherboard supports CrossFire but I have/will never use it.

My 19" monitors are connected using DVI-D cables and the 24" with a DVI-I cable. The 24" supports HDMI and DisplayPort as well.

It seems like many manufacturers are releasing cards with multiple DisplayPort ports (up to 6 of them), is this the general direction graphics technology is heading? Could I run my current triple-head set up with one of these DisplayPort only GPU's?

Let me know what you're recommendations are for a replacement for the HD 4850 X2. The lower the price, the better, but I'm willing to go high if the quality/capability is worth it.

Thanks ahead of time.
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  1. Randomly when using graphically intense applications two monitors will show video corruption on the screen and the third will go black. The two monitors are on the same graphics core. This lasts less than a second and then the machine resets. The "graphically intense" application I run most is EVE online. When I look in the Catalyst Control Center I can see that one GPU fan is running just fine, the other shows 0% speed; however looking inside the case they are both running.

    I'm going to run a GPU memory stress test in a bit to see what happens.
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