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My wife has a HP dv6308nr laptop that she wants to pass on to our daughter. It is a standard model with the memory upgraded to 2GB. However the iwireless card just went out 6 months ago so we connect using the Ethernet.

Problem is the DVD player opens/closes tries to load. However the drive is not recognized. Any suggestions on fixing it.


device manager no longer displays DVD/CD-ROM's.
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  1. My guess would be the DVD player is shot or you need a new driver for this device. Your cheapest bet might just be to buy an external dvd burner from amazon or someplce. They should only run you 30-50 dollars. You could also try ebay for one. I would search for a driver first though. you can find one on hp's website or if you remove the dvd player and search google the drivier may come up. I am not sure which model dvd player your wifes laptop came with so i can't link you myself.
  2. Update:

    The Laptop is driving us crazy. A few days after posting this, a bought a LG external drive. It uses two USB ports, only the laptop wouldn't power the drive. I opened the device manager and ran the scan new hardware. It found the Internal DVD drive but not the external one. Opening the internal drive to replace a disk tends to mess up whether the laptop recognizes the drive. And then I have to rescan for new hardware.

    The wireless card now works again after my daughter who was happily playing her new games dropped the laptop.

    I'm about ready to give up.
  3. I would try loading drivers for the external dvd before plugging it in. Sometimes the usb hardware requires you load the components data information before plugging ti in. if it still does not work, are other usb things working in the usb ports?
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