Need a new laptop

I'm quite confused as to which is better: a 4GB DDR2 or 3GB DDR3? Also is there a big difference between a 2.0 GHz and a 2.3 GHz?
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  1. Better state the budget and your uses for the laptop. And where are you buying from.
  2. As said, a laptop can never be recommended without a budget and what you will be doing on it.
  3. I will be using it to store alot of pictures, do some bookwork, and surf on the net...
    My budget is low, under $500, less if possible. I have been researching and and best buy....
  4. What size would you want it? If you want it to be portable, a E-350 fusion system is pretty nice for your use. The Lenovo X120e with the E350 comes out to $440 with 2GB of ram and 250G, while the dm1 can be had for $450 with 3G/320G. There are also some 15 inchers avaliable also for around the same price.

    Though if you want something more of a desktop replacement, something like these below would do the job:
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