[SOLVED] Ticking noise near CPU


I've just recently bought a new pc, about two months ago now and there seems to be this strange ticking noise coming from around the CPU area, I know it's not the CPU as that's not possible, it's not the hard drive as it's nowhere near.

I just took off the fan and heatsink, put new thermal paste on and cleaned it all, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary.

Here's an image, i've put a blue square around where the sound is coming from.

Direct Link (Bigger picture): http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/6002/insidepc.jpg
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  1. did the noise start after you replaced the heatsink and fan
  2. No, it started happening about 3 weeks ago, it's not constant, but happens every 30 seconds or so at different volumes and for different lengths of time.

    EDIT: There is no performance decrease at all but the noise does seem to be becoming more frequent/louder.
  3. try to move the PSU out of the case and start the computer and see what happends?
  4. Before I do that could you tell me the reasoning behind it?

    I've just underclocked my CPU to see if it was that, changed it from 16x (3200mhz) to 14x (2800mhz), still ticking.

    EDIT: Oops, wrong mHz :P Fixed.
  5. the sound could be from the fan in the psubut is reflecting around your pc case sounding from a different place
  6. Ahh alright, will take the PSU out of the case and will edit this post. Back in 10.

    EDIT: I've unscrewed the PSU and placed it ontop of the tower on it's side, now there's is absolutely no ticking/clicking/noise whatsoever. Odd. Perhaps it was because of the way the cables I don't use were?

    I'm going to clock my CPU back up to normal to see if it ticks.

    EDIT2: The ticking has returned, it is definitely coming from the PSU. Solution?
  7. try to blow out any dust inside it, use cable tie to hold the cables in place tighten the screws to hold the psu in tighter
  8. Alright, will do, back in another 10.
  9. yo,

    i get that tick noise aswell and it comes from the fan from the PSU, all i do to stop the noise is tap my PSU lolz and it instantly stops. but like probs blow out dust or open the PSU up and check it outs. imo its not much of a problem besides noise.
  11. Who the hell opens a psu, not that stupid. And would rather not void the warranty.

    Took the fan cover off, blew it out with an air compressor, no noise as of yet, if my psu were to fail, whats the chance of it taking other components with it? This was my main concern besides it just being annoying.
  12. great, i doubt it will fail and it shouldnt cause other components to fail
  13. Well thanks so much for your information mate, was driving me mad not knowing what it was from.
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