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Not sure which model card to get...

My dad just put a 720p flat television in his office and would like to clone the desktop image over to it. Currently he has an AMD system with a 790gx board, which has the ATI 3300 chipset (and does not support dual monitor output). He's not a gamer, but wants a decent video card around $80 that will provide a solid signal to both his monitor (which has a max res of 1680x1050, I believe) and his TV at the same time. Cloned, not extended, desktop, but now that I am thinking about it, that might actually work better. Could have a movie playing on the TV while still surfing on the other monitor. System is Windows 7 64-bit and has a Rosewill 400 or 450w psu.

I was thinking that either a 9600 or 4670 would be the right price range, but do either of them support dual monitors. Been out of the graphics card game until very recently, so not familiar with some of these older models. Thanks in advance!
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    5670 will outperform both of those and also support up to 3 monitors
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm thinking I'll recommend the XFX 512mb version.

    Any other thoughts out there?
  3. i'd get the sapphire version:

    it comes out for 65$ after rebate, and seems to have a better cooler than the XFX.

    Both will be great though, more of a personal preference thing.
  4. He ended up getting the GTS 250, EVGA version, and it's working great. Reviews and forums show that series beating out the 5670, and this card was $80 after a $20 rebate on Amazon. Thanks for taking some time out to give me some tips, wiinippongamer.
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