Will I have to disable integrated graphics?

I have the Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H mobo and a Radeon HD 5850 gpu. Will I have to start the computer for the first time without the gpu or something and then disable the integrated graphics or does it do it automatically? If I'll have to then how? Do I do it in the bios or in the device manager or what?
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  1. With systems like this, I leave out the GFX card and just use the onboard to install the OS, drivers, updates, AV. Once that is done, I download the latest and greatest drivers for the new card. Uninstall the drivers for the onboard, shutdown, install the card, attach the monitor to slot 1 on the New GFX card, boot up jump into the bios and disable the onboard. Once you boot to the OS if you do not see the POST screen, switch output ports on the GFX card... Then you have the new drivers right there ready to install...

    Just the way I do it.... Others will have different opinions...
  2. Mitko,
    Usually it is nto a concern if you do not turn off the old one, but it can eat up your ram later on. tkrl26 makes some good points, with my old system plugging something into the grpahics adapter actually atomatically disabled the onboard video so I was able to skip that step completely. It all depends on what you intend to do with the computer as to whether it is necessary to even bother.
  3. If you don't disable it, there is usually an option to specify the location of the primary GFX card in the bios...
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