Need Screws for Slim ODD

Hello all,

First time poster to the Tom's forums, so please bear with me.

I have read the read me post by r_manic, and I have searched through the forums with no success.

I'm an experienced computer builder, and am currently building a mini-ITX machine for use as an HTPC. I purchased the ODD and Case I purchased are as follows:

My problem is, I need screws to mount the ODD. The ODD is OEM, so obviously didn't come with any screws. The case came with plenty, but standard fine / coarse threaded screws are too wide.

I took the ODD to a Radioshack, a Best Buy, and a Microcenter; none of them had screws which I could use. Even the Microcenter computer repair/help desk didn't have any screws in the back which I could use.

I contacted the manufacturer's technical support, supplied them with the model number of the drive I purchased, and explained to them everything I've done insofar. They agreed to send me a screw kit for the ODD! :D And then my hopes and dreams were crushed when I saw they sent me four standard fine threaded screws. :( . I informed them of this 8 days ago, and have yet to hear back.

Doing a search for "screw kit" on Newegg is also futile, as the only one's I've found are standard fine / coarse threaded screws.

Any of you know where I might be able to find some screws that may work with this drive? Any/all help is greatly appreciated.


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  1. You have to think more creative than the screw purchase industrial quality velcro and use that instead

    From the Depot Home or the Lowe's

    You might want to send a message here:

    And ask what size screw. I'd read somewhere I can find now that 12.7mm ODDs use M2 screws.
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