Router causing problems to ISP

I have a weird problem with my router, I haven't checked if other routers do that too, because this is the only one I have.
So the ISP allows using routers, but they keep calling and cutting off the internet for me because the router seem to be crashing the whole system, well at least that is what they say... kinda impossible, right? One internet user crashes an ISP :D
So they come and pull out the cable from the switch that is on the roof of the building.
They say that the router seems to be sending random data and the switch hangs up, they won't say anything more.
Could someone tell me more about what could really be happening here?
And maybe a way to fix it?
I have to call everytime the ISP to beg for the internet :P
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  1. Hi,
    More info please.
    Tell us router model and brand...
    But it's strange, because switch not process the data, but only sends them to router/gateway
  2. Can't seem to find the router even, but it is very similar to this one:
    looks like the same from the design and features.
    It is obvious that they are not telling something, so they say that the router hangs up the whole network... what kind of ISP would let that happen? lol
    Anyway, I had a similar problem a while back with Belkin router, one laptop did seem to crash the router, but then I got a linksys and installed DD-WRT, problem was solved when I overclocked the router and added QoS.
    What I thought was the main computer for the ISP is pinging everytime, but some routers have "Block WAN ping" so the could be a faulty script for the ISP that fails to receive "pong" from "ping", but removing router's firewall didn't help.
    Before this I thought that someone from outside is using the router's VPN (I didn't do anything to it, so I assumed it is already configured) so I disabled it, but that didn't help. Also I thought that router is sending random data (really), so I checked statics and saw that there are no extra packets sent. At first I wanted to try to replace the router with an old one, but then I saw that the old router slowed down the down/up speed almost 2 times!
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    Maybe when you removed router's firewall, router still blocked wan ping.

    Maybe this will help:
    Choose Firewall > Basic Settings > Attack Checks.
    Wan security:
    option: Respond to Ping on the Internet

    Firewall > Access Control > Default Outbound Policy.
    option: Always Allow

    And try to write to write a rule for firewall which will allow ping from wan:
    Firewall > Access Control > IPv4 Rules.
    click "add", next in the From Zone field choose "untrusted wan".
    Next choose to zone: lan
    And choose ping to allow rule.

    IMO you should go to ISP and tell him that you want to see log or anything which proves that your router blocks network.
  4. Could be that I missed some options in the firewall, all I did was remove DoS attack protection and something else... can't remember what.
    This is a different linksys, doesn't use DD-WRT, but thanks for pointing out needed options, will try to find something that applies to these options in the official firmware.
    Those yokels don't even know what they are doing, they didn't know that they can add PTR records!
    Any other ideas why they "think" that the router is blocking the network?
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