How to connect internal power to USB 3 0 expansion card

Hello, I just purchased a Dell XPS 8300 desktop. It did not come with USB 3.0 so I would like to install a USB 3.0 expansion card. All of the cards seem to require an internal power connection. I am not that computer literate to know where and how to plug the expansion board in, after I install it in the PCI slot. Is this a relatively straight forward, easy thingto do, or am I biting off more than I can chew? Thanks for the help in advance!
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  1. Most of those cards require a molex or SATA supplementary power connector in order to work, you should check you PSU cables for a free molex or SATA power connector.

    You can see them here, the black one is a SATA connector
  2. If you've got the necessary connector, then it would be easy to do. Just take off the case cover, take out the screw/card holding mechanism, remove the slot cover (it may have to be snapped out [it's metal]), put the card in the slot making sure it is right in, screw it in/replace the holding mechanism, plug in the power connector, replace the case cover and you're done!
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