Help - 'No Signal' problem installing Palit GTX 460 1gb Sonic

I just got a new x4 955 with 4gb RAM and 750w PSU. I have installed the graphics card drivers (latest win 7 64bit from nvidia site), updated windows 7 drivers, and also disabled the onboard graphics. The HDMI cable is connected from the graphics card to the monitor. When I start up the windows logo displays but then I keep getting the 'no signal' message and a blank screen. The graphics card fan is running and there is one 6pin pci-e connector from the motherboard connected to it, and the other pci-e through a molex adapter. I've been trying for hours but no luck at all. Any suggestions please?
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  1. Have you tried setting it up with a DVI connection first?
  2. I had to install it first using a vga cable as the HDMI wouldn't recognise, but now it is only recognising the HDMI until the windows logo appears on startup and then it just says no signal. I have no idea what to do...
  3. Have you set it up via the Nvidia control panel?
  4. no is that on the nvidia website?
  5. No, its part of the drivers. Either right on the desk top or use the display properties to access it.
  6. Mousemonkey said:
    No, its part of the drivers. Either right on the desk top or use the display properties to access it.

    I am able to install the graphics drivers from the cd now whereas previously it would give me an error message about vga not being compatible. It is all fine intil I restart the computer and then it just gives me the 'no signal' message again. I need to go out now to destress from this but if can't sort it by this time tomorrow then my mate who is good with computers will come round to help. Thanks for the advice I'll keep you updated.
  7. Sorted it! Just retraced everything using vga cable - NOT HDMI, and made sure molex cables were conncected properly. Wow the graphics on the gtx 460 are amazing and I've only tried one game!
  8. Good to hear, now go and enjoy your new card. ;) So can I close this thread now?
  9. yes you can indeed - thanks very much :D
  10. This topic has been closed by Mousemonkey
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