BenQ XL2410T, Red lines

My BenQ wont run in 120 hertz without randomly shutting on and off, and displaying various coloered lines whenever theres movement in videoplayers. So i turned it down to 100 hz, and now im getting problems in some games when i run at 100 hertz, but not on the desk top. Thin red lines are appearing every once in a while, 1 at a time around the screen. Then eventually the screen will show a box, asking me to change to a DVI-DL cable, which was included with the screen, and i am already using it. Then the screen picture will get extremly out of focus until i change hertz to 60, then i can change back to 100 and its normal again.

It doesnt matter what port in the graphics card you plug the DVI-DL cable into right? They both look the same as far as i can tell. Another cable was included aswell, which is named SUB something, no idea what its for.

I have also had heat problems with my graphics card, which i solved by setting the fan to max all the time, but does uppting the hertz increase load or heat on the graphics card? This is really bugging me, i bought the screen solely because its 120 hertz, and are supposed to have that CRT feel to it in the games i play I have also tried to reinstall graphics drivers, i have an X1900 512mbram
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