Game issues with radeon 5850

Hey guys Im having some issues with my gigabyte 5850, while playigng certain games I noticed that the fps im getting for my system seems to be a lot lower than it should be. So far ive only tested it out on resident evil 5 and batman arkham asylum. Im running both games maxed out (arkham asylum without physx) at 1920x1080. After doing some research it seems that with my rig I shud be getting around 80-90fps in arkham asylum and 100+ fps in resident evil 5. I get 30-50 fps and 60 fps in the games respectively. I ran 3dmark 06 as well and got a score of 19620 which seems about right. Im using the latest catalyst 10.10 drivers. My full rig specs are below. Hope someone can help me out, thanks.

Intel core i7 930 @ 3.1ghz
Gigabyte radeon 5850 @ 850/1100 mhz
Ram : 6gb ddr3 (1600)
Mobo : Gigabyte X58A-UD3R
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  1. Check the heat, could possibly be down throttling.
  2. Hye man thanks for the vysnc tip I didnt know it hit fps so hard. My res 5 fps is back to normal. Arkahm asylum still a bit low at 60fps but might be a driver thing .
  3. change the driver setting to forced off or whatever its called.

    if its exactly 60 the game is still using vsync
  4. yes ive changed it to force off, well its not exactly 60, 62 lol
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