5870 artifacts

Hello, I got this brand new XFX 5870 ZNFC for about 2 weeks and as soon as I installed Crysis I noticed some weird stuff.
But what is annoying me is a kind of artifact I'm getting when I dive. Some weird lines and colorful squares pop for about half a second. It happens when I look at something that's inside the water but the camera is still outside. I took some screenshots and made a video of the problem.
video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD49daBrs_A


My card is running at stock. I tried downclocking it and even adjusting the fan speed manually to 80%, but the problem persists.
I have the latest Catalyst (hotfix 10.10d) installed. I tried uninstalling it using Driver Sweeper and installing some of the previous drivers, but no luck.

It only happens in Crysis. It's patched with the 1.2 patch. (it also happens without the patch). I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, no change.

Here are my hardware specs:
mobo: Asus Rampage III Extreme
cpu: i7 930 @ stock
gpu: XFX 5870 ZNFC @ stock.
ram: Corsair Dominator 1866mhz @ 1600mhz
psu: XFX 850w Black Edition
OS: Windows 7 64 bit

Is it a problem with my GPU?
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  1. That does not look normal at all, but imo, you need to reproduce the error in another game, before you can say for certain.
    1 Its the card
    2 Is the game/ drivers
    3 Some other unknown.
  2. Yeah, I'll pay attention to the other games I have and check if I get something similar. I'm thinking about installing my friend's 5870 to see if I get the same error...
    I ran furmark four about 35 minutes and didn't get any artifact. The same with the ATI Tool (it showed some artifacts once... I think it's because I was watching some youtube videos while the ATI Tool was scanning for artifacts. I let it run twice for about 40 minutes (40 minutes each time) later and it was ok, no artifact).
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