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I have windows 8 installed...from last 2 days sometimes during boot there is a delay after bios and before windows logo....there is black screen and blinking short line at top left corner.....My first boot device is Hdd and second is DVDrom.....this happens sometimes not always.....
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  1. I would be suspicious of the HDD at this point. Go to the WD website (link below) and get Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows. Make sure your HDD is operating correctly. This program will test the integrity and operation of your HDD by performing some diagnostic tests.

    If not healthy, replace the HDD. If all checks out okay, let us know and we can troubleshoot some more.
  2. sometimes is a program or anti virus issue at start up. try using msconfig and turn things off in msconfi one at a time till the issue stops. also run a malware scan and see if there any add on tool bars that got loaded when you installed a new program.
  3. Yes, test your hard drive. Also update and run a full scan with your antivirus and download and run a full scan of malwarebytes, free.
  4. I downloaded WD data lifeguard and ran both short and extended tests.......they passed easily....i downloaded speedfan and it has smart test value for hard disk andit stated 94% fitness and 94% performance for HDD......
    And also I hear very low grinding noise from HDD when at activity...I can hear that noise when quiet...but it is too difficult for that noise to convince for RMA
    And that problem is not occuring from last 4 boots
  5. Sounds like it's all OK. Good luck....
  6. Are thouse sounds normal? just like metal "chirrrrr" constant when booting and then for 1-2 seconds whenever activity.....
  7. They are normal for some drives. You can quiet them by adding rubber washers to your mounts. It's probably a resonance somewhere in your case that amplifies the regular noise the hard drive makes.
  8. I am worried because my laptop makes no sounds like this....
  9. If the hard drive didn't make this noise then started to make it then I would be concerned. Some hard drives are just noisy so if it has been like this then I would not worry. I personally wouldn't worry because I back my PC up, so Im hoping you do the same, remember its not if your PC will fail and loose all your data its when.
  10. Laptop drives run much slower and are made for quieter operation than desktop drives. I still think it is something rattling in your case that you could dampen using my advice. One way to test this is open the side of your case and press on the hard drive bay while your PC is booting. If it doesn't make the noise when doing this, something else is rattling in your case. A little investigating should find the problem and a little rubber bushing material will fix it.
  11. Holding harddisk didnt help.......
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    Hmmmmm. If you don't like the noise exchange it for a different model. Otherwise just ignore it.
  13. ignoring is best option i say.....
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