Netbook Remix finds neighbor's networks, not mine

Was trying Netbook Remix on an old laptop using a live CD. When I tried to join my home network, several of my neighbors' networks were listed, but not my mine.

Tried setting everything up manually, but could not connect.

My neighbors' networks are all secured, I didn't try to actually connect, but it's odd that it could find those networks but not my own.

Any ideas? Doesn't like my router?

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  1. There are instances when old 802.11g wireless adapters cannot see current 802.11n routers -- even when those are set to mixed wireless mode. Shouldn't happen but I've experienced it.
  2. Hi!

    I had the same problem. The wireless adapter just cant connect to the channel your router is on, maybe some sort of incompatibility. So all you have to do is change the channel that your router is on.

    Just open up a browser from any device, and in the address bar type your ip address. Then it should ask for your login details. The username will be 'Admin' without apostrophies, and password would be the brand of your network provider, such as 'sky'.

    Then somewhere in these setting you will find an option containing chanels, just change the channel and it should work. If you have sky internet then just do a number between 1 and 11. :D

    Hope it works, Stay cool and happy everyone :D
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