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Hello, My laptop works fine for a while then instantly goes black. If I reboot, it works again for a while and then goes black again.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. Can you connect to an external monitor to find out if it is a monitor problem or a GPU problem?
  2. Newby: please help?

    My HP pavillion xh365 laptop goes black after running for a few minutes to several hours. The only way to recover the screen is to reboot. When the screen goes black, I can hear some changes in the pc. Normally, the sounds I hear are just the hardrive and the fans, but when the screen goes black, I hear some changes in the pitch of one of the sounds. I have the same problem whether the laptop is running on the built in display or is conneted to an external display. Both screens go black at the same time. What do you suppose the problem is.

    Thanks so much, Jerry.
  3. Pun: Well don't expect it to come back.

    Semi-Helpful bit: How old is the laptop as it may be worth contacting the manufaturer about it. It could be fault with the MoBo or other parts of it, might be worth raising this in the Laptops section rather than graphics and displays section.
    Sorry for the lack of help.
  4. That was a cute pun, thanks for the laugh. :lol:

    The laptop is quite old (10 years or more), but has been a good unit. I'm sure it is not worth spending much money on, but if I could fix it myself I would probably do so. I'll try your suggestion about posting in laptops also.

    Thanks for your offering.
  5. Thanks Rolli, I have in the past connected an extenal crt and it also goes black. Would you think that the external crt would be dependant on the inverter inside the laptop?
  6. Yes, it is then the GPU that is failing. It could be a thermal issue when it gets hot it shuts of.
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    Laptop goes black
  8. rolli59 said:
    Yes, it is then the GPU that is failing. It could be a thermal issue when it gets hot it shuts of.

    Does it sound like the heat problem is causing the gpu problem or the gpu problem is causing the heat problem?

    I've read that replacing a laptop video card is a project, but since the unit is useless at this point, I'm willing to try. Where do you suppose I can find a card for this old pc and what do you think it might cost.

    The model is HP pavillion xh365

    Thanks so much!
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