PC turns on momentarily then shuts down

Hello forum, firstly I am new to the forum so forgive me if I am posting my query in the wrong place and thank you in advance for your help!

My computer has been working fine for the past year or so since i built it last summer. every so often however I encounter a problem where my computer will not boot properly.
Whenever I turn on the computer it will stay on for about 5-10 seconds until suddenly turning off for no reason. I have tried the screwdriver trick to troubleshoot whether or not it is a sticky power button but no success.

Every fan in the case comes on just fine and the PC seems to be booting up as usual until it just powers down. When I disconnected the 2 4 pin power connectors form my msi 4890 it seems to boot up as usual and also it stays booted but of course i cannot use it.

PLease feel free to ask for more info!

Just a quick question also, my MSI 4890 (ATI) does not seem to work with anything else then windows xp. Whenever i reinstall windows 7 or Vista and use my 4890 the graphics driverx will always crash whenever i open a game or anything that requires a decent amount of video card processing power.

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  1. Possibly a weakening/dying/marginal PSU....the GPU quickly consumes an extra 100+ watts or so under 3d load/processing.
  2. Thanks i'm looking into getting a new PSU any else have any suggestions?
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    it is the 90% high probability culprit based on your symptoms...

    good luck
  4. mdd1963 said:
    it is the 90% high probability culprit based on your symptoms...

    good luck

    Thank you so much for your help.
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