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Hi guys.

Ive been searching a while now looking for a decent monitor(s). Atm im running with the outdated HP 2335. I havent changed my monitor since 3 years back, so also i, am outdated when it comes to monitors. Im thinking of in the near future run Eyefinity. So if some1 could either give me suggestion or tips on a monitor thats 1920+x 1200+ ive got around 500 GBP budget per monitor. Since my GPU is a 5970 and is a dual core GPU i realy want to upgrade my monitor to ``unlesh the powa´´ As you guys might have noticed im a gamer so 5 MS response or less. i also pref 20'' or bigger

Also if someone is read up on eyefinity. Having a 1920x 1200 monitor in the middle and 2 1920x1080 on the sides will it be a nice picture still, also i know that if my 1200 in the middle is, lets say 24'' and the ones on the sides are 24'' the one in the middle will look bigger on the hight if so ,what '' do you need to make the 24'' 1920x1200 Monitor in the middle yust as low/high as the two 1920 x 1080 monitors on the sides?

My Rig:: Intel I7 950 ATI sapphire 5970 Antec 1200 Xigmatec 1200W Asus P6t Deluxev2
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  1. I can't delve into this too much. But if I were to buy a monitor right now I would consider something along the 120Hz line and 3d capable. Just my opinion.
  2. who make those? samsung?
  3. nvm my previous state, arent the fastest cable to transmitt Video The latest HDMI, going at 85 HZ. :heink:
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