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Hello all,

It's time for me to buy a Media Center PC!!! :) Good time, but need your help!

So what case do you suggest ?
My first thought is : nMEDIAPC Black Aluminum / Acrylic / Steel HTPC 5000B Micro ATX Media Center / HTPC Case
Expected price: < 100$

What Video card do you suggest ?
My first thought is: have no idea
Expected price: 100$ to 150$

What Video card do you suggest ?
My first thought is: 450 GTS or similar
Expected price: ~ 140$

CPU & MB: Something cheap
Storage: I already have a lot
Memory : I already have

Thanks a lot!
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  1. I mean a proc E 6500 or something like this, I suppose this is enough, isn't it ?
  2. ^+1 Nice

    Makes no sense to get the E6500
    It lists for $80 on Newegg
    For $50 more you get a way better cpu with the I3 2100

    You can save the money with the GPU if your not gaming with it
    If you are an Nvidia fan than the Gt430 would be fine at half the price
    it has Blueray 3d playback and TrueHD and DTS-HD Audio Bitstreaming Support
    You can see here on Newegg
    Also a HD5670 would be a good option also
    if you dont mind Ati/AMD
    Using the HMDI on the card would be a good option for audio with that card
    And you could still game at reasonable resolutions with medium settings

    Just my opinion
    I could be wrong
  3. Thank you guys!

    So I'll take a I3 & ASUS P8H61-M , what do you recommend for tv tuner and case ?
  4. supersmecher said:
    Thank you guys!

    So I'll take a I3 & ASUS P8H61-M , what do you recommend for tv tuner and case ?

    as far as TV tuners I like the Hauppage USB models which I think they have a HD one now in USB

    I like the USB due to less heat in case plus easy to switch to other computers like your laptop etc

    take a look at this one
    it will do 1080i with a cable converter hooked up to it

    with the PCI-Express models you do get more inputs/outputs
    but you do lose a PCI-E slot and the speed is not needed for TV Capture
    USB 2.0 has plenty of bandwidth for tv capture
  5. as far as cases go take a look at the one Malmental showed you
    this one
    this link shows a few of them
  6. Thank you for the answers received!

    I still have a question:
    Comcast is doing encryption for a lot of the channels, if I take the cable from Comcast STB and plug the cable in the MediaCenter and from there in TV do you think this is going to fix the problem with the encryption ?
  7. The HD 5770 is a bit much for a HTPC unless gaming is involved. A HD 5570 is more than enough for video playback. Plus it uses less power.
  8. Looks like I did not find another option then using Ceton + Comcast CableCARD in order to see the encrypted channels, did you find any other solution cheaper ?
  9. Quote:
    No its not for 109usd. 3 monitors. Your looking ahead plus Hdmi. I think its perfect and cheap

    The capability to use 3 monitors/displays at the same time was not one of the OP's requirements.
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