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What is the use of hot swappable drive bays?

What is the use of hot swappable drive bays like the ones in the 800D, HAF X, DF-85 and other cases?
And the SSD hot swaps on the top of the DF-85 and 650D

So are you gonna like, remove your system drive while using your computer???!!!

What exactly is the use of this useless feature that people care so much about?
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    System drives (or the drive in which your OS rests) is obviously not hot swappable.. Now this feature is quite a handful for moving a drive from one PC to another, testing a drive and stuff.. Imagine you have a case with hot swappable drive bay.. Your friend is in need for his hard drive to be checked.. All you have to do is connect it, provide the required cables and that's it.. Makes it work somewhat like flash drives..
  2. So that means that there is no real use of hot swap bays, it's just what if? what if?
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  4. Consider it just as a feature to boast about till needs arise.. Even USB 3.0 is more of a feature as of now..
  5. Just because you don't find it useful doesn't mean others don't. It's great for a testbed system, as mentioned above, and even for media PCs (filled up a HDD with movies? Just switch to another one!) No one said it's meant for taking your hard drive(s) out while the computer is running, it's meant for simplifying the HDD swapping process while the power is off.
  6. I'm considering a swap system for running multiple OS's on the same computer. Each OS would be on a bootable hard drive.

    This seems much simpler and safer than trying to install multiple versions like XP and Windows 7 on the same drive.

    Some of your data can be kept on a third drive. And you can easily swap all drives in and out as you clone them for backup purposes. In most backup scenarios, your backup would not be instantly bootable like it can be here.

    "Hot" swapping itself is not a big issue, although that could be useful if you have separate hard drives for movies, photos, videos, or one specific project or client. Your client's secret project files can even be locked up in a vault, since their hard drive is easily removable.
  7. Erm, Wanna? the definition of 'hot' swapping is removing or adding drives whilst the system is on......
    hence the term, HOT swapping :P
    just in case
    I think it would be most handy for people ghosting drives or data salvage, most people wouldn't be that bothered about the hassle of plugging two cables in
  8. Motopsychojdn said:
    most people wouldn't be that bothered about the hassle of plugging two cables in

    Sorry, but I don't agree, Moto. Some of us are willing to pay more for the convenience of NOT having to connect the drive -- or not requiring the computer owner to do this.

    Yes, I know the OP asked about hot swapping, and my comment was more about cold swapping. But I felt it was applicable to the question, since many people buy hot swapping equipment to actually cold swap.
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