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hey i'm experiencing a problem with my rig and am in dire need of assistance.
i recently upgraded my rig,purchasing Msi 790fx-gd70,amd 955 quad core black edition and Msi R6870. other parts i am using are Corsair Psu 620W ,for Cpu cooling Zalman 9700.
upon assembling and attempting start up i am not getting any display on my monitor. my rig is receiving full power,hard drive status light is flickering and all lights on north and southbridge are on. i tried using a different gpu and problem persists. i am getting a constant display of 85 on the mini code displayer on the motherboard.
the code sequence i am getting is FF > 2A > 38 > 60 >75 > 78 > 85
can u assist me in rectifying this problem
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  1. i tried a diff cpu also,still same,i suspect the prob is graphics related but i'm a bit baffled since my gpu is brand new out of box
  2. I googled for Msi 790fx-gd70 error code 85 and found a post on another forum saying error code 85 is a parity problem with the GPU. Don't know if that's correct or not though since you've tried more than one GPU. I'd link to what I found but that's pretty much all it said and I don't know if Toms allows posting links to other forums.
  3. ok,well try it plzz,i need to fix this prob
  4. i tried some more troubleshooting and now i'm just getting the FF display code but still no display,damm stress,any help plzzz
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