HD 4890 for gtx 460 it'a a deal or not? (read terms first)

Ok I know there are more posts with this question but no one has fulfill my curiosity, well then here it goes:

I already have the ATI Sapphire HD 4890 1Gb GDDR5 1 year of use, I can sell for 200 dlls I have the buyer with the $$ ready (in mexico are more expensive, some places sell it for 270 dlls used), then I can purchase the nVIDIA Gigabyte Gv-n460oc-768i for 242 dlls new or the Gv-n460oc-1gi for 323 dlls.

My bet is the GTX 460 768Mb OC from gigabyte, but i want to know if it worth the extra 42 dlls for get DX11, Tessellation, Physix, CUDA, etc. I been reading the performance it's the same with the stock speed GTX 460 768Mb but how about with this OC version?

Note 1: I will make SLI or CF in the future, which is better scalable card?

Note 2: All the prices are in mexican pesos I just convert to dlls for the undertanding
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  1. they're pretty much the same performance wise, i'd just get a second 4890 to avoid the hassle.

    physx is meh, the huge penformance impact ain't worth it for the difference it makes.

    If you want more future-proofing and don't mind the hassle get those 460s
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