5770 instaed of corssfiring another 5770 can i hybrid with GTX?

i have a 5770 vapor x.. i heard hybrid with GTx can support physcix game..so if tht happens..will it actually run better thn cfx 5770? and what GTX series is recommended? thank you
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  1. 5770 CF will give almost double the framerates on all supported games, adding a nvidia card and some hacked drivers will let you enable physx in game but that's it, it won't improve the penformance on games that don't use physx .

    A gt240 512mb is plenty for physx only
  2. DAMN! not improving at all just physix? u sure bro tht sucks then=(
  3. yea another 5770 is really the way to go. their great for crossfire
  4. I am not buying Nvidia just so physicsX will die, proprietary *** sucks. Nvidia is going by the of 3dfx as far as I am concerned.
  5. Did you really expect two competing video cards will work together in "Hybrid Mode" to improve performance?

    Who do you expect will write such a video driver?
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