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I have a SabretoothX58 and a 950. Im still at stock speeds 3.07Ghz and 1333Mhz. I ran Sandra and am getting a few intermittent hangups. Do you think they a sign of instability or are they normal? I've never had them when Sandra isnt running.

Anyone have good experiance with Sandra and care to share some info?
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    Run Prime95 small fft's for 6 hours to check for CPU stability (same as you would if you overclocked). Then run Prime95 blend tests. If those run without error, your system hangups could either be generated by Sandra or bad drivers.
  2. Nice to hear. Yeah my computer has always handled Prime95 with no problems. I maxed prime's stress test with my system @3.2Ghz for two days. The Noctua-D14 treats me well, core averaged 137F. degrees.
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  4. 58C is a good son runs his 920 at 3.8 GHZ 24/7 on a Megahalems and has temps of 56-58.....lowered voltage to 1.125 which helped a lot on the temps.

    If ya want a good OC guide for the 950 on Asus boards, read this:

    Also check out OCCT .... I do my last stability test with P95 but all the ones before that I do w/ OCCT to save time
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