Worth upgrading to PC2-8500 Ram?

I have an ASUS M3N78-VM motherboard and I just upgraded to an AMD Phenom II X6 2.8GHz 1055T cpu.

During the upgrade, it appears that one of my (4) 2GB PC2-6400 SDRAM modules died, so I need to replace it.

I'm wondering if it would make a noticeable difference to upgrade all 4 modules to PC2-8500 (DDR2 1066) or if I should just replace the one that died with another PC2-6400 module.

Also, the ASUS web site states "DDR2 1066 is supported by AM2+ CPU only". Does this mean it isn't supported by my AM3 CPU?

Any recommendations on the best brand of RAM to buy?


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  1. I don't think that 4 x 8500s would be hugely better than 4 x 6400s. I would just get another one of the exact same kind you already have if it were me.
  2. Considering the price of DDR2 RAM, I'd recommend just replacing the dead stick.

    Besides, most DDR2-1066 RAM is simply DDR2-800 RAM that has been tested to run at the higher speed, usually at an increased voltage and more relaxed timings.
  3. ^+1
    but if you want a high speed ram then upgrade your board, get one that support ddr3.
    ddr3 is 3-4 times cheap than that of ddr2, and then you can have more ram and more speedy ram
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