New case Airflow is a must

I am looking for a New pc cases tbh I dont care to much what it looks like. Airflow is my main concern.
There seem to be so many cases on the market I have got lost and would like peoples opinions.

The Antec seems like a well rounded case the main reason I cant decide on this case is from what I have read the fans are crap and noisy, so would need replacing thats another £50

Antec 902 Nine Hundred Two (V3) £98.99

The CM-690 seems great but I am unsure if it has airflow as good as the antec or the HAF at £75 seems like a bargin giving me room to get more fans

Coolermaster CM-690 II Advanced Dominator Case £75

The Coolermaster HAF 922 is butt ugly I find but from what I hear has great air cooling. Main downfall is it lacks dust filters so would have to spend more on dust filters.

Coolermaster HAF 922 £80.99


£110 MAX for the case
I will look at other cases the above is just a list of a few I have been looking into.

Will shop at

Peoples opinions and suggestions are more than welcome
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  1. I own a 902 and 692 and also seriously looked at the 922 when i purchased.
    The 922's looks ugly,size(too big),and lack of filters eliminated it,bought a 902 instead.
    902 = better looks,filtered intakes,solid construction{very little plastic}
    692 = great design,looks good,filtered intakes. - too much plastic
    The 902 is the best of the lot imo.
    I have no idea where the crappy/noisy fans come into play.
    Because that is far from what i've experienced.
    The fans on the 902 only need to be run on low setting for excellent cooling and are quiet.
    I have 5 Antec Tri-cool case fans running in it and it's quieter and cooler then the 692 with 3 case fans.
    Even added an Antec 120mm Tri-cool fan to the 692 for a 4rth fan. I think Antec fans are very good.
    Antec Nine Hundred Two V3 Chassis - £92.36 Inc VAT
    Incl. VAT:£91.78
    Quiet cases from the most respected quiet pc component site on the internet.
    The 902 uses the exact same fans as the 1200.
  2. Ive said it before and ill say it again- Antec 1200 v3
    If you want airflow its the way to go, i have one, and as for the fans being noisey, well there not noisy at all, this case will last you for years to come.
  3. Davcon The fan on the back of the antec 902 is that easily removed (like any other fan). Reason I ask is I currently have Corsair Hydro H50-1.
  4. mentalynuts said:
    Davcon The fan on the back of the antec 902 is that easily removed (like any other fan). Reason I ask is I currently have Corsair Hydro H50-1.

    Yes of course it's easy to remove.
  5. thanks for yer help looks like the antec 902 it is :)
  6. No way to stretch that budget by £20 eh?

    108 pre-VAT.

    Will be a better aircooler then any of the cases listed.

    I'd take the 690 II Advanced with an extra fan or 2 over the 902. It has slightly better cable management, and has a few extra features the 902 doesn't. Should be an overall better case, and has many more options on fan layouts as well.

    CM 690 II is one of the best bang-for-buck cases you can get.
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