G skill sniper 8gb (2 x 4gb) 240-pin ddr3 sdram ddr3 1333 (pc3 10666) f3-10666cl

I am planning on buying a MSI 870S-G46 AM3 motherboard and a AMD Phenom II x4 955 cpu. Im also looking at this Gskill Sniper ram kit but I can't figure out if it will be 100% compatible with that motherboard and cpu, can anyone help me with this. Thanks
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  1. Sorry, realised I might have put this in the wrong place. If anyone can tell me if that ram will work with that motherboard I would greatly appreciate the help. Or if you can point me in the right direction to decent ram that will be compatible, I am looking to spend no more than $50, and I am looking for 8Gb. Thanks so much in advance!
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    Yep, that'll work fine. G. Skill has an 8gb 1600 kit for $30, though.
  3. kajabla said:
    Yep, that'll work fine. G. Skill has an 8gb 1600 kit for $30, though.

    Great.. Thank you so much! I have been searching for an answer to that question for the past 2 days. When I emailed G.Skill in regards, they said I should get this which is priced right at my barrier. But I really like the looks of the sniper series better! So I think I will get the Snipers then. About the 1600 kit for $30, I was at first looking into that but I realised that the motherboard would only run them @ 1600 if overclocked? Im not really looking to overclock but I have heard that 1600 will still work fine, it will just simply clock down to that true? If so, would there be any difference between running the 1600 clocked down to 1333 vs just running the 1333 to begin with? And would you reccomend I go with G.skill's suggestion over the Sniper series? Sorry for my ignorance, this is not my first PC, but it is my first build. Thanks for the help and suggestions too I really appreciate it.
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