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I am going to be purchasing a AMD FX-8120 Zambezi 3.1GHz Socket AM3+ 125W Eight-Core Desktop Processor, and I was wondering what combination can be suggested to go for it. I am not looking to be gaming on this and therefore need a cheap set up to go with it. I already have a dvd drive, ram, and a box. I would be looking for a low cost motherboard (newegg), a low quality graphics card that has hdmi output and a power system.
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  1. This asrock board may be all you need: I use the 4250 onboard radeon video since I'm not a gamer either. If you still want a graphics card, this will do: I prefer fanless whenever possible, since those tiny fans seem to be the loudest. For a power supply, this will do: You won't need more unless you add hardrives or a high end video card.
  2. I really appreciate the advice one problem can you post the names instead of the links newegg keeps telling me its a broken link. Also if you had a radeon graphics card suggestion what would it be? And my box is 16.7 inches by 18 by 7.6 is that big enough? Since I am not adding a graphics card I would assume its alright
  3. The video card is the msi 5450 for $39.99 and the power supply is the corsair 430 watt for $24.99 after rebate. Sorry for the bad links.
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