I7 950 asrock extreme6

ive finally upgraded after 4 years. got me
core i7 950
asrock extreme6
2x4gb 1600Mhz corsair ddr3 ram

planning on adding a xonar essence stx, some new graphics card and maybe 2 7200rpm 2tb drives. thats for later.

but im new at this and this is my first time setting up a system. i got the mobo for the sata 3 and usb 3 ports and not for overclocking. the ram should run fine without any tweaks right?
i need advise on the PSU to support this setup.
and please tell me if i need a heatsink and fan or will the stock ones that come with the proccy do? will i need extra fans in the case? does this thing run hot? do i need this thermalpaste thing?

and pls direct me to a guide to setup the PC from unboxing to setting up BIOS as this is my first time and my dial-up takes too long to load pages so im finding it hard to search

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  1. ^
    The RAM would work fine as they would most likely run at default settings 1066MHz, which can be set to the rated RAM speeds from the BIOS or you can use Intel's XMP profiles...

    PSU - 500-550W for a single graphic card or 700-750W if you might go with 2 graphic cards in SLI/ Crossfire(Antec EA or TP, CM Silent PRO, Corsair, PCP&S, Seasonic, Silverstone)

    CPU Cooler - The stock cooler would suffice for stock settings,...

    This would help in building the PC
  2. I'd opt for 650-750 watts right off the bat....

    ALways better to have 150-200 watts to spare as the PSU ages, than to run one at 85-90% or rated capacity...
  3. mdd1963 is right, and who knows since you already have a i7 950 you might as well go up to 750-800w psu.

    I've had my asrock extreme6 since october and not 1 hiccup. i love the fact that there are a ton of sata2 and 3 ports ( 6 each). and how i can upgrade to a 6 core cpu if need be.
    heres what i'm running:

    i7 965
    gtx 480
    vertex2 120gb
    raptor 600gb
    asrock extreme6 mobo
    antec 850w
    8gb g.skill ddr3 2000

    im running all of my games on max settings (BFBC2, Starcraft2, CS:Source, Civ5, LFD2)
  4. sweet rig 1mic
    thanks for the input
    guess i have to look around for a standard 600-750w PSU to run the rig
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