Luggage case for carrying a gaming computer?

I was wondering if any of you know of a luggage case that is big enough to carry a 18 x 20 inch computer? I'm about to purchase an expensive case and gaming peripherals for my computer and I want to be able to transport them safely, at first I was thinking of going with one of those gaming keyboard/mouse/headset carrying bags. But I need to protect my computer just as much, so I decided I would put the extra money down to buy a $80 or so luggage bag... Heres the problem, I'm afraid of buying a luggage bag to find it isn't big enough I need to make sure the interior will fit my case (NZXT Guardian 921RB) and I also need it to have room for a keyboard mouse and other such items, preferably in another pocket... My keyboard is a Razer Anansi, and I have the Razer Naga but the mouse won't take much room, the keyboard is something else I worry a little about because it is 21" long. I was thinking of getting this case but i would like to ask you guys first. Hopefully this thread will be useful to others in the same situation as well.

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  1. Update:

    This one looks a lot nicer but I still need some opinions. :??:
  2. Wouldn't it be better to look on another site like Amazon for your case? Usually I use Newegg for components and small electronics and Amazon for mostly everything else.
  3. jesus I'll never get a link right.....
  4. EVO-G LB2 Deluxe LAN Bag. At performance pc's is DESIGNED to carry your rig and all your peripheral's...there are other choices there as well that include harnesses that you carry a tower all your peripherals cables and a flatscreen monitor.
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