Recently purchased a new-to-me GTX295 for a very, very good price. Once it was installed, I had a few issues in certain apps though. Company of Heroes in both DX9 and DX10, used to cause the setup to hard crash. No BSoD, just audio loop for a few seconds, then nothing. Needed a hard restart.

Metro 2033 does the same thing.

Wiped disk and reinstalled Win7 x64, clean 260.99 drivers, and although the problem is "less", it's still there. Company of heroes will black screen in game for ~3 seconds, then pop back like nothing happened. It's obvious to me the driver is crashing, but I've tried versions as old as 15x.xx, to no avail. Power is coming from a 5 month old Corsair TX750, so it's getting plenty of consistent juice. RAM is clean, Memtested it overnight with 0 errors. The card will Furmark for endless amounts of time, with temps being under 80C. Passes OCCT's GPU and GPU memory tests with no problems. I'm really leading to a driver issue, but I can't pinpoint or fix it.

Fun Fact: With the clean install, if I add EVGA's precision into the mix, things go much worse. It's back to the same things as before the wipe. MSI's afterburner has no "extra" issues.

I know these dual GPU's have their issues, but I dislike issues.
Anyone have any magic solutions/ideas?
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  1. You got proof of it working fine before or did you play the lottery?
  2. It was working well before, I'm not much of a gambler :)

    I can't say it "doesn't" work, because it has no problems with anything else. It has no problems with any other games besides those two, folding, or playback, so I can't really say the card has failed. I'm just wondering if there's something silly with the singlePCB/dualGPU that I'm missing here. Maybe those two games and the card just don't agree with each other?
  3. BUMP?

    Here is some funny business after a half crash in BF:BC2. I've switched to XP x64, to no avail. Was in game for ~ 4 minutes, random hang, to driver restart (can XP even do that?) to this being overlayed over the game. Buttons were visible(ish), but this is my entire screen.

    I think I might sell the image. It's "artsy".

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