Changing Dual Core to Single Core?

I have been looking at upgrading my CPU and I am wondering, I have a pentium dual core e2160 rated at 1.8ghz .. I saw a guy on Craigslist selling a pc with a Pentium D 352 with 3.2Ghz and it is a single core i know. But i am wondering if i bought the computer if i would notice a performance increase in gaming? it has half the L2 cache so I am not sure if it will be slower or faster. Also when i play games i have my music player playing in the background so i dunno if that would be multitasking and if it would slow it down?
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    No. A 1.8GHz Dual core will beat any Pentium D [which I note is actually 2 Pentium 4's wired together] easy.
  2. No Pentium D 352. You mean Celeron D.
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