Good review websites?

I'm not sure where I shoul've opened this topic,but since I'm asking for good review websites for generally all kinds of components,I think this category was the best.
So,what are good review websites? I'd prefer them to not to specialize on one component,like just PSU or GPU reviews,but if you got an exepctional website of that style,than I'd like to hear that too.

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  1. this is an old favorite who's stories will link you to other good sites
  2. I generally read review from:

    For researching monitor specifically use:

    JonnyGuru is basically the single best site for power supplies. Everyone else is in last place. There is one exception...

    For quiet builds and some good power supply reviews:
  3. Just go here

    They link to most of the good sites ^_^
  4. my favourite by quite a distance
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