Ati Eyefinity problem

Amd Phenom II x4 955 @3.6ghz
2x hd 5850
4gb ddr3 1600
950w psu
biostar ta890fxe

I have had ati eyefinity setup running at 5760x1080 with 3 23in monitors, but i have a problem. Whichever screen i have my Accel DP-VGA converter plugged into, i get serious waves in my screen, i have boughten two of the same adapters and have realized it isnt the one adapter so i think its a software problem or the adapter(both) arent working correctly and i have to go buy the 109 dollar one.
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  1. it could be the adaptor, if so, ask ur GPu producer(sapphire XFX etc, ) If they can list adaptors that are guaranteely working.
    Also are you sure its an Active adaptor? as i understand from forums etc, youle need an active adaptor.
  2. Yes, it is eyefintiy supported. It says it is on the amd website and on the box, also, it is an active adapter. I also tried it on both video cards which lead me to assume that its the adapter or software.
  3. you tryed all monitors? connecting the dp to the 1 on the right etc( yust to check its not the monitors fault theres waves, also what monitor? im not very into the monitor part but ive read somewhere that some monitors need drivers for the spesific monitor.
  4. Have u tried it without using CF? I havnt seen this problem b4 tbh :/
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